Nokia is going to launch their Nokia Android phones

Nokia logo- Nokia AndroidNokia is coming back with their Nokia android phones. Around the world, everyone knows Nokia and might be aware of the news of their comeback. Nokia uses to be one of the top selling smartphone brand a few years back. Some people says that Nokia was the king of the smartphone industry, but something went wrong which knockout Nokia from the game. After that Microsoft bought Nokia and started making smartphones under their own name most commonly known of them are Microsoft Lumia which first used to be Nokia Lumia. These phones were having an OS of Microsoft windows.


Nokia, Microsoft logo

Now Nokia is coming back to the market with their Nokia android phones. it is not the same old Nokia but a company called HMD Global has got the license for Nokia brand name and is teaming up with Nokia itself.

HMD Global and Nokia Android Phones

Hmd logo.- nokia android

In December 2016 HMD Global announce their plans with Nokia through a press release. They said they will be launching new Nokia android phones in 2017 which will be running on an android OS. And finally, they have launched their first Nokia android phone named as Nokia 6 a couple of weeks ago.

Nokia 6- Nokia Android

Nokia 6 is a phone which is running on the latest android operating system 7.0 nougat. As they have made entry to the market which is good news for Nokia fans and off course a bad news for their competitors. Nokia was popular for their strong hardware quality and their best camera experience. If they maintain their previous quality with their Nokia android phones they are going give a tough time to their competitors. The chief executive of HMD said that Nokia will be very competitive in terms of pricing and specs. And they are doing what they have said looking into their first Nokia android phone Nokia 6. It has got amazing specs and an affordable price. We wish Nokia will not dishearten their fans this time. Well, let’s see what they have in their pocket for their followers in 2017.

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