Google new app Google Spaces

Google has introduced a new messaging app by name of “Google Spaces”. Spaces new Google app include all the features and apps of Google in addition with new chat, Google searching and media sharing etc. Simply I would say that Google has combined YouTube, Chrome, search, and media sharing in just one app. As Google+ is slowly getting infamous, Google wants to create new ways for user to share content online in just one app. As Google says that it wants to improve the sharing experience of user that’s why it created a new app called Google spaces.

Google Spaces

How does Google Spaces work?

It is so simple with Google Spaces to share your ideas. Simply create space of your interest, invite your friends and start sharing your ideas. The important feature of Google Spaces is that group chatting. You can chat within groups and share your contents. The important feature is for searching your contents you don’t need to go to other apps because YouTube, Chrome and Google search will be available in this app.

You can invite people from different platform of your choice to join your space. Another thing there is a built-in search feature through which you can find the older posts. Google forecasted that this app will be helpful for studying purposes, planning weekends and discussing on TV shows or current affairs.

Spaces content viewer


Like other sharing networks if something new is shared in your spaces you will be notified through the conversational view that what is going on in your space. Google Spaces will be available in the form of app for android and IOS while for desktop it will be available in form of website.

Spaces search option

Google officials says that this app is rolling out today for android, IOS, desktop and mobile web for all the Gmail accounts from today. You don’t have to wait too long for Google Spaces. This app will be available shortly.

So create your space today and share your ideas and content with Google Spaces in a simple and easy way.

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